Principles Of Operation

We build them to order, having first analysed, together with you, exactly what problems you are having and the logical solution. So your DRIAIR units are taylor-made to your specific requirements. Not bolted on somewhere to your compressed air system. Which is a bit 'iffy' to say the least.

All DRIAIR units are based on the pressure swing principle and all are operated by the unique R A Logic Control System. When air passes through, the unit works, when air stops passing through, it stops. Logical isn't it? After all you don't want to have to keep switching it on and off all the time do you? One bonus of Logic Control, by the way, is that pneumatic operation allows you to put the unit in hazardous areas quite safely.

Pressure Swing means one column works whilst the other regenerates. Drying is achieved by passing saturated air through the two columns of the dryer, a six minute cycle, or thereabouts. As the air passes through the bed of desiccant, condensation occurs and it absorbs the molecules of water until saturated. During the condensation phase, the latent heat of the vapour is given up to the surroundings, the bed temperature rising slightly. The compressed air rises to the top of the column and emerges dried to the correct dew point.