Product Range and
Technical Specification

Driair International desiccant driers are based on the pressure swing principle, one column working, the other being regenerated.

Operation of the drier is simple, the unit being equipped with pneumatic LOGIC control system which senses rising pressure to the drier and commences the switching operation at a pre determined pressure (normally 4 Bar). Shut down is the reverse procedure; there is, therefore, never any need to turn this type of drier on or off. If compressed air is passing through. If compressed air is passing through the unit at the desired pressure it is operational.

Drying is achieved by passing the saturated air through alternate columns of the drier, usually on a six minute cycle.

SD6 5HP: Special high pressure unit supplied to the
Ministry of Defence.
SD 15 SR: Russian Power Station being required to work
in an ambient temperature range -40 to +50°C providing
instrument air.